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Netgear D6000 Ac750 Review

We are living in the world of connectivity. There is hardly any moment in our life that we are not using the internet sources. Internet connectivity through wifi and other sources is, therefore, a must. Those who are seeking the… Continue Reading →

May condominium associations obtain title to delinquent owners’ units when they do not pay assessments?

Yes. Illinois Condominium Associations may file liens against the title to an owner’s unit when that owner does not pay assessments due on the lien. The association may then proceed to court and seek to foreclose this lien. Once the… Continue Reading →

What should we do if our condominium association does not have bylaws?

Generally, your condominium association likely has minimum bylaw terms in its declaration. In the event that it does not have minimum bylaw terms in its declaration, the Illinois Condominium Property Act Section 18 provides those minimum bylaw terms as a… Continue Reading →

May two owners from one unit serve on the condominium board together?

No. In the event that more than one owner owns a unit, only one owner from that unit may serve at one time as a board member.

May we pay members of our board of directors for our condominium association?

Generally, unless it is precluded by the declaration of bylaws for an association, there is no direct prohibition in the Illinois Condominium Property Act that would preclude an association from paying its directors for their service. However, any such compensation… Continue Reading →

Must owners know when and where board meetings will be?

Yes. Condominium and Common Interest Community Associations must provide notice to all owners of any meeting of the board. This includes open or closed sessions. Notice must me be sent or delivered to the owners in accordance with the various… Continue Reading →

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