Netgear D6000 Ac750 Review

We are living in the world of connectivity. There is hardly any moment in our life that we are not using the internet sources. Internet connectivity through wifi and other sources is, therefore, a must. Those who are seeking the upgraded wifi devices must go through the Netgear d6000 ac750 review. This wifi device is a great choice for the domestic and the commercial purposes.

Netgear D6000 Ac750 Review

Most of the wifi devices do not support the AC devices. The goal of connecting the AC device with the wifi is now possible with the upgradation of the wifi router. This new Netgear wifi device known as the AC750 wifi modem router is an excellent DSL modem. It works efficiently without causing delays. This time saving is because of the high speed. Once the user gets this modem he is able to enjoy multiple services in just one device. The introduction of the Netgear genie makes it a user-friendly device. There are no complications in installing and then using the device.

Netgear D6000 Ac750 Review

AC750 is acclaimed for having a unique feature of the built-in ADSL2 modem. Once the user starts downloading, it takes minimum time to download even the heaviest games. It also allows establishing parental control over the internet activity. It is possible to keep an eye on the net activities of your children. The modem ensures maximum safety with the Gigabit Ethernet WAN. The modem supports any DSL INTERNET SERVICE. If you have a domestic network then in case of any problem the NETGEAR genie app will assist you in correcting it.


  • Fitted with an efficient ADSL 2 and the modem.
  • Can allow the USB WIRELESS ACCESS.
  • Supports the Gigabit WAN.
  • Fitted with the 1 WAN and 3 LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Auto-sensing technology added the ports

Can be connected with the computers or smart phones with the help of the NETGEAR Genie app.


It is very important to stay connected. Many tasks both at home and the office are not possible without staying connected. There were times when desktop telephones and the telegraph were the only modes of swift communication. Today the internet has made it possible to create a close communication hub. The wifi devices are assisting the purpose a great deal. Ac750 by the Netgear is a recent addition that has become a household name in very little time.